How to Write Stronger Characters

how to write stronger characters

Hello Everyone!

As I stopped writing last night, I realized that I only have about six more chapters until I’m finished with Turncoats. It was a bittersweet moment- I love this story and my characters, but it’s been too long. I should have finished this thing months ago. I’ll keep everyone updated as I finish the novel and begin to edit. I also, even though I should have waited until I finish it, began looking for agents to query. Who knows? Maybe I’ll rewrite The Four Treasures too and query that too. I’m excited because I saw a couple of agents looking for historical fantasy and that is about the only genre I can write.


I realize that I don’t have much about character development on this blog, mostly because I love talking about plot and worldbuilding so much more. But don’t get me wrong, characters are the most important part of your story because, as readers, we need someone to root for, and that person is your protagonist. Every other element of your story could be fantastic- you’ve got a killer plot, a perfectly-developed world, and believable dialogue- but if your characters fall flat, your readers aren’t going to take any interest in what you’ve written. I’m here today to help you avoid this problem and create characters that are unforgettable.

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