How to Plan a Mini Writing Retreat

how to plan a mini writing retreat

Surprise, I’m back! Two posts in two days? I know, it’s crazy, but hang in there, hopefully I’ll be more active in these upcoming weeks.

I usually look forward to summer as a time to focus only on writing, but that hardly ever happens. With my senior year and the college search looming over me, writing has fallen to the wayside and every time I try to write, I am plagued by an incurable case of writer’s block. So I did some research to see what other writers did when all hope was seemingly lost and I discovered the idea of a writing retreat. Now I had heard of writing retreats before, but most of them involved spending a week with other writers going to workshops and writing together, which wouldn’t work for a number of reasons. Number one: I’m broke, number two: I don’t have a week’s worth of time, and number three: I’m not 18 yet (sigh). So after being disappointed by delusions of grandeur (I will someday rent out a cottage in the Irish countryside for a month, surrounded by only sheep, but sadly today is not that day), I figured that I could have a writing retreat in my own home that didn’t involve me locking myself in my bedroom and wrapping myself in my Ohio State snuggie only to stare at a blank Microsoft Word document for six hours. So if you can tolerate a couple of un-witty section titles, join me, and we can plan our writing retreat together.

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