Spring is coming… I hope.

i set all my regrets on fire...


So, I’ve decided to start posting things from my Polyvore as well.  (check it out here-ksewell17) I’ve used Polyvore for probably about five years now, and I can honestly say that I love it.  It’s not only putting the outfits together that’s fun, but I also love to create the perfect background around it.  Also, it gives me a chance to shamelessly promote my music tastes (check Green Day and Dallon Weekes), so it pretty much checks off all the boxes for me.

So, in this set, I was trying to create a look for transitioning from winter to this sort of spring like weather (60 degrees on February 3rd has to be some sort of record for Cleveland!).  I love the look of midi skirts for this time, because they’re girly and elegant and perfect for transition times because sometimes you don’t want to wear a short skirt in the cold winter months.  For someone who shies away from skirt at all time (pants are just so much more comfortable and less of a hassle), I actually like midi skirts because I never have to worry about if my skirts too short, or if the wind’s going to blow it up.  Plus, they look good on pretty much everybody, because they hit right below the knee, causing you to look taller and slimmer.  What’s not to love?

I paired this skirt with a thin sweater, mostly because I love sweaters and would wear them year round if I could (and sometimes I do, thanks to Northeastern’s Ohio fantastic weather.  Our average annual temperature is 51 degrees.)  If you don’t like sweaters, there are so many other other options you can wear with a printed midi skirt, such as this one.  A graphic tee, plaid shirt (bonus points if you can mix your patterns well), or a crop top  will also look great, and there are so many other options out there.

I paired this outfit with a simple pair of Chelsea boots, because sometimes you don’t want to wear an open toed shoe so early in the season.  Think about it.  Most of the time, there’s still slush or snow on the ground and it’s pretty cold.  I think that boots are a better choice for the transition months.  But if you live somewhere warmer, then you could totally wear something else on your feet.  Gladiator sandals, or even just a simple pair of heels can look just as stunning.

Now, I don’t usually wear orange.  I’ve worn orange once in this past month, and probably this past year as well.  While orange is typically associated with fall, I thought that it would look just as good in the winter months.  It’s a bright color, which I also think works well for spring and summer.  The black background keeps it from getting too bright, which provides a nice contrast to the outfit.

Here are some midi skirts you can check out if you’re interested in getting one yourself (I tried to find some over a variety of price ranges):

ASOS CURVE Midi Skater Skirt In Polka Dot

Floral Faille Midi Skirt

ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt

ECI Below-Knee Printed Pencil Skirt

Contemporary A-Line Skirt

Contemporary Floral Jacquard A-Line Skirt

Contemporary Striped Midi Skirt

Hobbs round neck sweater
$76 – johnlewis.com

Office brown chelsea boots
$60 – office.co.uk