Making a Short Film: Part 1

Short Film Part 1


Hello Everybody!

As I promised, I will be writing a series on writing and creating a short film. Film has been something that I’ve loved to dabble in all my life. I remember being ten years old and filming my first short film on an iPod Touch. It was called Psycho Santa, and we still like to wax poetic about the writing and filming process. I’m sure it wasn’t as good as we like to pretend it was, but it was really what got me started in filmmaking. Any writer can write a script. Actually, I take that back. Anyone can write a script, but I’ve found that a lot of writers have a problem translating their work to film because they forget film is a visual art. You have to be able to convey action and emotion in a visual way, rather than through words. It’ll be weird at first. I still end up writing stage directions that are way too long, but ultimately you have to let the camera and your actors tell the story. It’ll be difficult to hear people speaking your dialogue and seeing your film is always a strange mixture of pride and embarrassment, but it’s worth the process.

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The Importance of Backstory

the importance of backstory 2

Hello Everyone!

I realize that it’s been a while. A long while. But junior year is finally wrapping up and I should have more time to focus on this blog and writing. To catch you up, I’m still working on my current novel Turncoats, even though I’m only at about 53,000 words. It’s disappointing, I know, but school has really taken its toll and I’ve had little time to work on much else. I’ve also written a short film, which I hope to direct, produce, and act in over the summer. I’m planning on talking more about that for my next post, so I’ll keep you posted. This post, however, is going to be able how to use backstory in your story.

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The Second Chapter of Turncoats

So it’s been a while.  A long while.  I apologize for disappearing for over a month, but school started back up and I’ve been busy crying over my APUSH homework.  Don’t judge me.  I didn’t actually want to write a blog post, so I decided I’d post the second chapter of my WIP, Turncoats.  If you’d like to read more of it, you can check it out here- Turncoats on Quotev or here Turncoats on Wattpad

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Finding the Inspiration to Write

finding the inspiration to write

We’ve all been there.  After coming up with a great plot, interesting character, and a couple of chapters, motivation starts to trickle off.  Or, in my case right now, I want to write, but am afraid that everything I write will be terrible, so I don’t write, and come here instead  to preach to the internet about the art of writing.

Anyways, if you couldn’t tell, I’m a little disappointed in myself for having such trouble writing this book.  When writing my previous novel, I didn’t have these problems.  I stay motivated and inspired until about chapter 20, when I became plagued with the thought that I am a terrible writer and then didn’t write for about three months.  But hey, at least I finished that novel.  I’m only five chapters into this one, and thoroughly convinced that I have lost any talent I once had for writing.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my plot and my characters, but I just can’t bring myself to write what I had planned.  Instead, I spend most of my time thinking up fluffy fanfiction like scenes.  And I’m not proud of it.

So, here are my top ways to find inspiration and beat writer’s block.  Hope you enjoy!

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Tips for Starting a New Novel

AZdsfxdgcfhgvjbhkjlhgfdsrHello Everyone!

School just finished up a few days ago, so now I’m free for the summer!  Well, not really.  I’m working four days a week and have a lot of summer homework to do, but I’ll find time for writing somewhere in there.  Hopefully.

If you’ve read any of my last posts, you’ll know that I finished my previous novel.  It’s a structural mess, though, so I’ve been putting off the editing process.  And what do all writers do when they don’t want to edit?  They write more!  Or at least I do.

So, this post is for anyone, like me, who’s in the planning stages of writing a new novel.  Enjoy!

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Mixed Berry Breakfast Bowl



I know that my tagline is ‘My Journey in the World of Writing.’ I also know that I haven’t actually written much about writing lately.  In fact, I haven’t written much at all as of late, but I’m slowly getting back into the groove, and if I want to write about food, I’m going to write about food, because food blogging is technically a venture into the world of writing.


I love smoothies.  The thought of throwing things into a blender and having it end up a liquid makes me giddy.  Mostly because I can sneak in an extra two servings of spinach without actually having to taste it, and I’m all for making healthy food not taste all that healthy.  When I heard that people were making bowls full of smoothie, naturally, I was excited.  It was a bowl full of smoothie.  How could I not be?  My excitement vanished when I started looking at recipes for said smoothie bowls, and discovered that most involved coconut flakes and mulberries.  Who has mulberries in their pantry?  I decided that, much like everything else I’ve ever done, I should just wing it and see what happens.  I’m proud to say that my winging it paid off, and I created a smoothie bowl, perhaps not as fancy or pretty as some of my food blogging counterparts, but likely just as tasty.

So, I’m here for all you who don’t have an upper middle class pantry, but still want to make a smoothie bowl.  I made enough smoothie for two, so keep that in mind as you read.

  1. Start off with 1 1/2 cups of fruit.  I used 1 cup of mixed frozen berries, 5 large chunks of frozen mango, and a peeled small apple.  If you didn’t get the point, I’ll spell it out for you- you can put in whatever fruit you like, in whatever combination you like.
  2. Add in 1 1/2 cups of a leafy green!  I used spinach, but kale would also work just fine, or forgo the vegetables if you so wish, but I highly suggest putting them in, especially if you’re not a huge vegetable fan, because you can’t even taste them.
  3. I prefer my smoothie bowls to be a little thicker than a normal smoothie, so I added in 1 cup of Greek yogurt, but you could use a combination of banana, avocado, and regular yogurt as well.  I also added in some oats, but they are by no means necessary.
  4. You need a liquid or else you will have smoothie sludge, and no one wants that.  I usually put in 1 cup of green tea, but you could use milk of any sort, or juice if you preferred.
  5.  Once you’ve blended the smoothie and put it in a bowl, it’s time for my favorite part- the toppings!  I used chia seeds, almonds, cheerios, and strawberries, mostly because that’s what I had at the time, but you could use a number of different seeds, nuts and fruits depending on what you have.

Now I’m off to continue editing my novel.  I bought two great books on self editing (Revision and Self Editing by James Scott Bell and Self Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne) and have been studying.  I’m not looking forward to the editing process because I tend to lose confidence in everything I’ve written, but it must be done.  Have a nice week, and get writing!



On Finishing a Novel

Well, as of ten minutes ago, I just finished writing a novel.  How am I feeling right now?  A little empty.  A little sad.  A little worried that my ending sucks, but I’ll save that for editing.

I started this book nine months ago, after reading some random Wikipedia page about stone circles in Ireland.  It’s weird to think that Wikipedia was the cause of 100, 524 words and 3/4 of a year.

I never thought I was going to end this.  Just last week, I was cringing at writing the ending, grappling with who I should kill off, and wondering if I even liked this book anymore.  About three hours ago, I just sat down and said to myself, “I’m ending this.  Now.”  Sure, my ending’s a little abrupt, but at least it’s done.  And I have to say this is one of the strangest feelings in the world.  I feel accomplished, but at the same time I have another daunting task- editing.

This is a short post, but I just had to write something tonight.  I’ll (hopefully) keep you guys updating as I edit, but finals are coming up, so we’ll see how that goes.


Good night,