How to Write Stronger Characters

how to write stronger characters

Hello Everyone!

As I stopped writing last night, I realized that I only have about six more chapters until I’m finished with Turncoats. It was a bittersweet moment- I love this story and my characters, but it’s been too long. I should have finished this thing months ago. I’ll keep everyone updated as I finish the novel and begin to edit. I also, even though I should have waited until I finish it, began looking for agents to query. Who knows? Maybe I’ll rewrite The Four Treasures too and query that too. I’m excited because I saw a couple of agents looking for historical fantasy and that is about the only genre I can write.


I realize that I don’t have much about character development on this blog, mostly because I love talking about plot and worldbuilding so much more. But don’t get me wrong, characters are the most important part of your story because, as readers, we need someone to root for, and that person is your protagonist. Every other element of your story could be fantastic- you’ve got a killer plot, a perfectly-developed world, and believable dialogue- but if your characters fall flat, your readers aren’t going to take any interest in what you’ve written. I’m here today to help you avoid this problem and create characters that are unforgettable.

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A Different Way to World-Build

a new way to worldbuild

I’m going to be completely honest. I don’t always world build for my first draft. I just write and hope that what I imagine in my head is seeping down into my paper. Am I ever that lucky? No. I usually end up doing some world-building questionnaires about half way through my first draft because I realize the world I’m writing about is horribly boring and bland. Though I don’t mind the questionnaires, they can get boring fast, so I’m here today to pitch some new, more interactive ways to world-build.

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How to Plan a Mini Writing Retreat

how to plan a mini writing retreat

Surprise, I’m back! Two posts in two days? I know, it’s crazy, but hang in there, hopefully I’ll be more active in these upcoming weeks.

I usually look forward to summer as a time to focus only on writing, but that hardly ever happens. With my senior year and the college search looming over me, writing has fallen to the wayside and every time I try to write, I am plagued by an incurable case of writer’s block. So I did some research to see what other writers did when all hope was seemingly lost and I discovered the idea of a writing retreat. Now I had heard of writing retreats before, but most of them involved spending a week with other writers going to workshops and writing together, which wouldn’t work for a number of reasons. Number one: I’m broke, number two: I don’t have a week’s worth of time, and number three: I’m not 18 yet (sigh). So after being disappointed by delusions of grandeur (I will someday rent out a cottage in the Irish countryside for a month, surrounded by only sheep, but sadly today is not that day), I figured that I could have a writing retreat in my own home that didn’t involve me locking myself in my bedroom and wrapping myself in my Ohio State snuggie only to stare at a blank Microsoft Word document for six hours. So if you can tolerate a couple of un-witty section titles, join me, and we can plan our writing retreat together.

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Making a Short Film: Part 2

making a short film part 2

Hello Everyone!

I know it’s been a long time since my last post in this series, but life has caught up to me and slowed me down this summer. I’ve been experiencing a horrific bout of writer’s block, so tomorrow I’m planning on doing a mini-writing retreat to get me back in the game (more on that tomorrow). Anyways, this is the second part of my short film series and today I’ll be focusing mostly on preproduction. Hopefully, the hardest part of preproduction, actually writing and editing your script, will be over for you and you’ll be able to move on to preparing to film.

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